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Welcome to the Political Women's website run by the Parliamentary Services.

The idea of this site is to encourage women to get involved in politics and to follow in the footsteps of the pioneering women who took up seats in the Swiss parliament in 1971. Political Women explains the links between the first struggles for the rights of women in Switzerland and the current debate surrounding gender equality and how it can be made a reality.
The articles are written from the perspective of what happens in parliament, and are based to a large part on the minutes of sessions in the federal chambers. You can also find the latest statistics on women in politics and images and news from the Swiss television archives, all placed in an international context.

Some of the champions of women’s rights tell their story in short videos: Gabrielle Nanchen, one of the first women elected to the Swiss parliament; former National Councillors Pierre Triponez and Jacqueline Fehr, "parents" of maternity insurance and Liliane Maury Pasquier, the current president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, who advocates having more female politicians as a way of combatting violence and sexism in parliaments.

Political Women also showcases the activities and events organised in the Federal Palace to encourage women in politics and to promote equality.

Because Swiss democracy should represent the entire population, both men and women. Fostering women’s rights and gender equality means creating a fairer, more responsible society that has greater respect for diversity. Women’s representation and involvement in politics are essential to achieving this.

Ensuring gender equality not only promotes the cause of women. Society as a whole can benefit as well.

Marina Carobbio, President of the National Council

Photo Carobbio