A son et lumière honouring women’s fight for equal rights will be projected onto the facades of the Parliament Building, the Swiss National Bank and the Bern Cantonal Bank. The panoramic projection of historical documents pays tribute to the thousands of Swiss women who fought for independence and equal opportunities for more than 100 years. Choirs from around the country will take part in the event. The dates of the projection will follow.

An exhibition conceived by school classes from all the cantons, assisted by experts, will feature 52 portraits of women pioneers in the old town of Bern. The «Hommage 21» association’s multilingual project is supported by Parliamentary Services. Dates of the exhibition are from 7th February to 30th June.

«Hommage 2021» website available in French: www.hommage2021.ch

Hommage2021, Frauen die feiern

Source of the Hommage2021 picture: Swiss National Museum, Actualité Suisse Lausanne (ASL)