In order to gain access to the Parliament Building journalists require accreditation or a pass. Information and documentation can be found here. The factsheet for journalists sets out the rules des Parliament Building.

Day accreditation

In order to obtain a day accreditation pass you have to register with the Information Service at least 3 hours in advance.
Registration form for day accreditation

If the application for registration is not received in good time there may be a delay in processing your accreditation. Journalists requiring temporary access must be able to provide official identification and a press card.

Facilitated day accreditation

In order to receive facilitated day accreditation (access without prior registration) for between 1 and 12 months, you have to submit the application form below at least 3 weeks in advance to the Information Service. This form of access is reserved for journalists who require regular access to the Parliament Building as part of their journalistic work (at least 12 times during its period of validity).
Application for a facilitated day accreditation passFormat Change

Permanent accreditation

The Information Service of the Parliamentary Services does not issue permanent accreditation. The Federal Chancellery is responsible for permanent accreditation.