The tour takes you through the exhibition «100 years of proportional representation» and provides you with background information and interesting anecdotes on the introduction of proportional representation in National Council elections 100 years ago.

Duration approx. 90min (tour lasts 60min, 30min to look around)

Dates of tours in German

5 November 2018 13.00-14.30

19 November 2018 13.00-14.30

Dates of tours in French

5 November 2018 16.30-18.00

Further dates to follow.

Registration required

You should register at least three days before the tour you wish to attend by sending an email to, providing the following information:

Surname and first name, no. of people, language, canton and mobile no.

You will receive an email confirming registration.

Max. 30 people per tour

Tours will be run once 10 people have registered. Without a message from us, at the latest three days before, the tour will take place.