Museum Night is just around the corner! The Federal Palace is also joining in on the fun.

On Friday 15 March, the Federal Palace will open its doors at 6pm.

Our tour guides will provide visitors with a closer look at various paintings, including:

  • The mural by Charles Giron in the National Council Chamber
  • The fresco by Albert Welti and Wilhelm Balmer in the Council of States Chamber
  • The ceiling paintings by Antonio Barzaghi-Cattaneo in the lobby which highlight Switzerland’s most important virtues

In room 287 you can watch a screening of the film ‘Tilo’. In the Parliamentary Library, you can visit the exhibition ‘Artificial intelligence as a reading aid’

Don’t miss a visit of the Federal Council’s stately meeting room.

Be sure to take the quiz to find out more about the 59 coats of arms that adorn the National Council Chamber, and see if you know to which town or commune each one belongs.

The doors are open until 1am and the event concludes at 2am. There are no ticket sales in the building. Rules for entering the Parliament Building.

For more information about the Museum Night, click here.