Parliamentary Services are inviting visitors from August 9th 2022 on, to discover the Parliament Building from the perspective of women. On the tour, visitors will learn more about the role women have played in Swiss democracy to this day.

Visitors will stand in the same places where women for decades fought for their political rights: form the countless women’s movement protests on the Bundesplatz to the election of the first women to parliament in 1971, and the political shift after the last National Council elections in 2019, resulting in almost equal numbers of men and women in the National Council.

Protest at the Parliament Building: As a prelude to the National Council debate on the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights, women’s rights activists demonstrate on the steps of the Parliament Building on 12 June 1969. (Image Keystone)

History and future of women’s rights

The tour is as varied and complex as the subject of women’s suffrage. Visitors will learn what women have achieved so far and what remains to be done to achieve real equality between the sexes. The tour also includes historical background, anecdotes and explanations of the imagery on display throughout the Parliament Building..

Recognising the women pioneers in Parliament

During the tour, your guide will point out the plaques honouring the first twelve women elected to the Swiss Parliament. Their names and terms of office are engraved next to the numbers of the desks they occupied in the Council chamber on taking their seats on 29 November 1971.

Commemorative plaque in honour of Lise Girardin at her former desk in the Council of States chamber. The plaque was installed on 7 March 2019 (Parliamentary Services; photo by Béatrice Devènes).

Tour information and reservations

Reservations can only be made online (see the two links below for individual and group reservations), at the earliest 180 days before the planned visit.

Tours are free of charge and last 60 minutes.

Group size is limited to a maximum of 30 people.

If you have any questions, please write to us at

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