The Delegation for relations with the French Parliament (Del-F) is the opposite number to the Friendship Group of the French National Assembly and the Friendship Group of the French Senate. The Friendship Group of the French National Assembly has 56 further members from all political parties represented in the National Assembly. The Friendship Group of the French Senate has 17 members. Only four to six delegation members take part in visits to Switzerland (internal rules of the Senate and National Assembly).

Meetings between Swiss and French parliamentarians take place regularly to establish and maintain a network of contacts. The two delegations traditionally hold two working visits abroad and two at home in the course of each legislature period. In addition to working discussions at the political level, the programme often includes visits to companies or meetings with representatives from business, society and academia.

This continuous dialogue enables the members of the delegation to discuss complex regional, national and international issues with their Austrian colleagues and, in the event of disagreement, to discuss possible solutions directly with the relevant decision-makers. In this way, parliamentary diplomacy can complement the diplomatic activities at government level and broaden the scope of action. Moreover, the dialogue contributes to a better understanding of domestic political processes in both countries.



Delegation Secretariat

Function Name Telephone/E-Mail
Delegation SecretaryJérémie EqueyT +41 58 322 98 77