Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The OECD was established in Paris in 1961, with Switzerland as a founding member. The international organisation now has 38 member states. Its objective is to contribute to the expansion of world trade on a multilateral basis, thereby promoting optimal economic development, high employment and rising living standards in its member states.

Standing Parliamentary Delegation for Participation in OECD Activities (PD-OECD)

The PD-OECD is expected to represent the Federal Assembly twice a year in the various OECD events aimed at national parliaments. Participation in these events will give the delegation the opportunity to address OECD-specific issues at an early stage, so that it can share its knowledge with the various parliamentary committees in the event of rapid international developments.

Legal basis

The legal basis for the delegation is to be found in the Federal Assembly Ordinance on international relations of the Parliament (ORInt) of 28 September 2012 (SR 171.117).



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