Basic Documents

Specific responsibilities

The Control Committees each appoint three of their members to the Control Delegation (CDel). The Delegation constitutes itself. The Delegation supervises activities in the field of state security and the intelligence services and supervises state activities in matters that must be kept secret because their disclosure to unauthorised persons may be seriously detrimental to national interests. It accepts additional specific mandates that are assigned to it by a Control Committee. The Federal Council shall inform the Delegation at the latest 24 hours after making its decision of orders to safeguard the interests of the country or to safeguard internal or external security.

20 years CD

Secretariat of the delegation

EnquiriesT +41 58 322 97 13
F +41 58 322 96 26
SecretaryBeatrice Meli AndresT +41 58 322 97 12
Deputy SecretaryIvo KreiligerT +41 58 322 94 64
Policy AnalystIrene MoserT +41 58 322 94 60