The Parliamentary Control of the Administration

The Parliamentary Control of the Administration (PCA) is the evaluation service of the Federal Assembly. It conducts studies on behalf of the Control Committees (CC) on the legality, expediency and effectiveness of the activities of the federal authorities. When commissioned to do so, the PCA can also scrutinise the effectiveness of federal government measures on behalf of other parliamentary committees.

Recently finished Projects

Administrative and disciplinary investigations in the Federal Administration

Administrative and disciplinary investigations in the Federal Administration are usually requested, conducted and concluded in an appropriate manner. However, the evaluation uncovered some weaknesses in the choice of type of procedure, the inclusion of the departments, procedural regulations, the application of the statute of limitations and the use of available expertise.

Summary (PDF)

Collaborateurs externes de l’administration fédérale : Évaluation succincte

Le recours à des collaborateurs externes dans l’administration fédérale est devenu plus transparent. Le Conseil fédéral a édicté des directives qui sont en grande partie claires et largement appliquées, mais il y a un risque que des pseudo-mandats soient conclus. La Confédération a internalisé un grand nombre de postes. Il n’est toutefois pas clair si le potentiel d’économies a été totalement exploité.

Résumé (PDF) Rapport (PDF) – Kurzgutachten (PDF) Communiqué de presse CdG-E

The Confederation’s communication activities

The Confederation’s communication activities are, in general, satisfactory. Communication is appropriate and in conformity with the statutory requirements. However, there are some shortcomings with regard to the clarity of guidelines, interdepartmental coordination and cost transparency.

Summary (PDF) 

Dealing with adopted motions and postulates

Overall, the Federal Council deals with the motions and postulates adopted by Parliament satisfactorily. However, procedural requests vary greatly in nature and the time taken to address them differs considerably. The processes and instruments employed by Parliament to monitor how requests are dealt with is only partially suitable.

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DNA Analyses in Criminal Proceedings

In recent years, the use of DNA analysis has become well established at a steady level throughout Switzerland, and its use may be regarded as appropriate overall. However, there are differences in the way DNA analysis is used in the various cantons, some of which apply it inappropriately. Furthermore, there are several weaknesses in the system of oversight.

Summary (PDF)

Evaluation of the nomination procedure to positions of senior management by the Federal Council

In response to recommendations made by the National Council Control Committee, the Federal Council and the departments have made substantial changes to the procedure for nominating senior managers. These include the systematic implementation of security screening of candidates before nomination and the creation of selection committees. Certain weaknesses were however identified, in particular regarding the quality of information submitted to serve as a basis for the Federal Council’s decision. 

Summary (PDF)


Information on ongoing projects can be found in the annual report.

  • Assignment of cases among the Federal Courts of Justice


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