The Parliamentary Control of the Administration

The Parliamentary Control of the Administration (PCA) is the evaluation service of the Federal Assembly. It conducts studies on behalf of the Control Committees (CC) on the legality, expediency and effectiveness of the activities of the federal authorities. When commissioned to do so, the PCA can also scrutinise the effectiveness of federal government measures on behalf of other parliamentary committees.

Recently finished evaluations


Federal oversight of cantonal implementation of groundwater protection planning is only partially appropriate. Although the Confederation provides good enforcement support, there are shortcomings in the monitoring of the status of cantonal enforcement. The Confederation rarely intervenes where shortcomings in enforcement are identified.

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Parliamentary involvement in the field of soft law

The way in which Parliament is involved in the field of soft law is only partially appropriate. The rights of the Parliament in this regard are well-developed in international comparison, but are open to interpretation. The practice in the Federal Administration is inconsistent, but efforts are underway to harmonise the approach. The responsibilities of the parliamentary committees are not clearly defined.

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The controlling of offset transactions is only appropriate to a degree, because it is not possible to check whether the main objective of the offsets is being achieved, namely boosting the competitiveness of Swiss industry, in particular that of companies in the security-related technology and industrial base (STIB). However, the legal requirements are respected and considerable progress has been made in terms of transparency.

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Ongoing Evaluations

Information on ongoing evaluations can be found in the annual report.

  • The measurement of effectiveness in international cooperation
  • Communication by the authorities in the run up to popular votes
  • Short-time work during the coronavirus crisis
  • Extra-Parliamentary Administrative Commission
  • Coronavirus crisis : use of scientific knowledge by the FOPH


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