Curia Vista contains details of items of business from the Curia database of parliamentary proceedings and the former Swissbase database. Curia contains all items of business dealt with by the National Council and the Council of States from the 45th legislature period onwards, i.e. from the winter session of 1995. In contrast to other types of business, items relating to question time were only added to the database from the winter session of 1999.
Details of items of business from the former Swissbase database may be incomplete, and only serve as a reference to original sources (Official Bulletin, AB or Federal Gazette, BBl). Pending bills and parliamentary and cantonal initiatives from 1970, procedural requests from 1983 and minutes of question time from 1986 are listed.
Older items of business, including procedural requests, can be found at

Search Aids

Item Number

Indicating the number of an item is the most simple and reliable way in which to find information on a given issue of parliamentary business. e.g. 01.082.

Structure of the numbering system

NumberType of business
(Year).001–189Federal Council messages and reports
21.200–299Various parliamentary items such as the election of the Federal Council, federal judges, etc.
21.300–399Council of States initiatives
21.400–499Parliamentary initiatives
Up to 2020 only to 4999
Motions, postulates, interpellations
Up to 2019: 5000–5999
In 2020: 5000–6113
Question time
Special cases (used only in the Official Bulletin): 21.9001–9009 Non-business parliamentary votes, in particular by the Speaker or Deputy Speaker

Submitted by

Submitted byExplanation
Council memberThe search is exclusively directed at finding the Council member who initiated the item of business, i.e., the person who submitted the intervention (co-signatories are not taken into consideration). The list includes all former as well as current members of the Councils.
CommitteeEnables a search to be conducted with respect to those parliamentary interventions submitted by one of the standing committees or parliamentary delegations (as opposed to by an individual Council member or a faction).
FactionTargets the search towards parliamentary interventions introduced by a parliamentary group (faction). If the search is directed towards those interventions submitted by individual members of a faction, the search should be conducted using the search field "Member of faction".
Member of a factionEnables a search to be conducted with respect to those parliamentary interventions submitted by an individual member of a parliamentary faction. To obtain a full list of the interventions submitted by a parliamentary faction as such and by the individual members of a given faction, it is recommended to conduct two successive searches using the search fields "Faction" and "Member of faction".

Type of issue

Enables a search to be targeted towards either a particular type of parliamentary intervention or towards an issue of business presented by the Federal Council.

State of deliberations

Enables the search to be conducted according to the current state of proceedings on a given issue. The notion of current state refers to how far along debate on an issue has gotten in the parliamentary Councils, and not in committee.

Motion to the 2nd CouncilLimits the search to motions that have been adopted by the first Council to deal with them, and are now to be taken up by the second Council.
Followed upRestricts the search to parliamentary initiatives or initiatives submitted by a canton which, having preliminarily been accepted as items of business, are in the process of being formulated as a draft item of legislation (the so-called 2nd phase).
Dealt with by both CouncilsThe search is aimed at those items undergoing a process of conciliation to resolve differences of opinion which have emerged between the two Councils.

Date of submission

Date of submissionExplanation
inFor parliamentary interventions, the year refers to that in which the intervention was submitted. For bills introduced by the Federal Council, the year refers to that in which the Federal Council adopted the draft bill.
SessionParliamentary Council members are authorized to submit interventions solely during periods when parliament is in session. However, bills and initiatives from standing committees or from the cantons, as well as items of business from the Federal Council, may be submitted at any time regardless of whether parliament is in session or not.
LegislatureCuria Vista is an exhaustive database covering all of the issues that have been dealt with from the beginning of the 45th legislative period, i.e., from the winter session 1995. A legislative period lasts for 4 years. It begins with a winter session and ends with the autumn session preceding elections to the National Council.
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NRLA +Gotthard

NRLA Gotthard

targets the search to those pages containing both the search terms "NRLA" and "Gotthard".


NRLA -Gotthard

targets the search to those pages in which the search term "NRLA" appears, but the term "Gotthard" does not "


If you place an asterisk * at the end of the characters of your search term, the system will retrieve any pages containing terms that end with the characters of the search term you have entered.