​Legal Basis

The legal basis for the Swiss parliamentary delegation to the IPU is contained in the Federal Assembly Ordinance on international relations of the Parliament (ORInt) (RS 171.117).


Working methods of the delegation

Each year the delegation attends two statutory meetings of the IPU. Before each session the delegation gets together to prepare for the meeting. 

Every year the IPU also organises a series of events in between its meetings. For the main events, the delegation is represented by one or two members. Among these events, the joint IPU/UN parliamentary hearing at the United Nations, as part of the New York General Assembly, and the annual session of the Parliamentary Conference on the WTO are of special importance. 


Composition of the delegation

In compliance with Art. 6, para. 1, point a, of the Ordinance on international relations of the Parliament (ORInt) (RS 171.117), the permanent delegation to the IPU comprises five members from the National Council and three from the Council of States.