​​​Specific responsibilities

The Committee on Pardons receives applications for pardons concerning sentences handed down by the Federal Criminal Court or a federal administrative authority, as well as for military criminal cases taken to the Federal Court. After passing applications for pardon to the Federal Council for their comments and proposals, the Committee on Pardons makes a preliminary examination of the files and communicates its proposal to parliament for their decision.

From 2004 to 2011 the Committee on Pardons was also mandated to fulfill the tasks of the Rehabilitation Committee.

The Rehabilitation Committee

Members of the National Council

Members of the Council of States

Committee Secretari


​Function​Name​Telephone / e-mail
​EnquiriesLaurent von Ballmoos  ​​T +41 58 322 99 64
Secretary of the CommitteeMilena Amrein T +41 58 322 95 86