Alex Kuprecht (UDC / SZ) is the president of the Council of States 2020/21.

SRP Alex Kuprecht  


Date and place of birth22.12.1957 in Richterswil (ZH)
Civil statusVerheiratet und Vater von zwei erwachsenen Söhnen,
seit kurzem Grossvater
DomicilePfäffikon SZ
​Place of originOeschgen (AG)
​Website ​

Education and professional career

  • Commercial apprenticeship at the Basler insurance company
  • Federal diploma as an insurance expert
  • Until April 2018 Relation Manager and before that in various management positions at the Basler insurance company, employed there since 1974

Political career

​1990 to 2003​Member of the Schwyz cantonal parliament, head of faction
​2002/2003​President of the Schwyz cantonal parliament
​Since 2003

Member of the Council of States

Member of the following committees
- Control Committee (2003 to 2019)
- Control Delegation (2007 to 2019), president from 2015 to 2017
- Social Security and Health Committee (since 2003), president from 2011 to 2013
- Security Policy Committee (since 2003), president from 2014 to 2015
- Economic Affairs and Taxation Committee (since 2019, currently vice president)

​2019Elected vice president of the Council of States for 2019/2020

Policy priorities

  • Protection and reform of Switzerland’s social welfare systems
  • Reduction of costs in the healthcare system
  • Strengthening security in Switzerland
  • Reduction of the tax burden on SMEs
  • Abolition of the rental value of owner-occupied property (my own motion)