SRP Brigitte Häberli-Koller 


Date and place of birth23 August 1958
Civil statusMarried, 3 children
Place of residenceBichelsee-Balterswil
Political Party
The Centre
​Occupation​Commercial employee with Fed. Diploma

Political career

​1996-2003President of Bichelsee-Balterswil Communal Council (Executive)
​1999-2003​Vice president of the Communal Council
​1996-2003​Member of Thurgau Cantonal Parliament
​2001-2006 ​President CVP Thurgau
​2003-2011​Member of the National Council
​2004-2021​Member of the party board of CVP Switzerland
​2005-2011​Vice president of the CVP parliamentary group
​2011-​Elected to the Council of States
Member of the Office of the Council of States (President)
Membership of parliamentary committees:
- Social Security and Health Committee
- Transport and Telecommunications Committee
- Security Policy Committee
Membership of parliamentary delegations:
- Administration Delegation (President)
- Member of the delegations for relations with the Austrian Parliament and with the Landtag of Liechtenstein
​2022​Elected president of the Council of States

Gemeinsam – Ensemble – Insieme – Ensemem– Together