Basic documents

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Arrangement entre la Délégation des finances et le Conseil fédéral sur la surveillance des affaires relatives au droit du personnel (PDF)Format Change

Convention entre la Délégation des finances et la Délégation des commissions de gestion concernant la haute surveillance sur la sécurité de l'Etat et le renseignement (PDF)Format Change


Specific responsibilities

Pursuant to article 51, paragraph 2 of the Parliament Act, the Finance Delegation is responsible for the detailed examination and supervision of the entire financial budget.
It is made up of three members of the National Council and three members of the Council of States, each of whom belongs to the Finance Committee of his or her respective Council.
The Finance Delegation is mandated with the execution of five principal tasks:
the approbation of questions relating to salaries; decision-making in matters relating to granting of Parliamentary credits; inspection of the auditing reports compiled by the Federal Financial Control organ (FFC); contemporaneous surveillance of the Federal Council's financial policy; and empowerment to draft accompanying reports to messages of the Federal Council addressed to the Federal Assembly. 


Secretariat of the delegation

EnquiriesSevda CicekT +41 58 322 95 40
SecretaryStefan KollerT +41 58 322 95 35
Deputy SecretaryRoberto CecconT +41 58 322 92 72
Policy AnalystNathalie CarronT +41 58 322 92 61
​Policy Analyst​Beat MartiT +41 58 322 94 86