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You can reach the Parliamentary Services by post at the following address:

Parliamentary Services
Parliament Building
CH-3003 Bern

Publications & Production

You can reach the webmaster by e-mail at the following address:

Individual E-mail addresses

Staff of the Parliamentary Services can be reached by e-mail at the following address:

E-mail addresses of services and committee secretariats


Official Bulletin bulletin@parl.admin.ch
Guided Tours of the Parliament Building parlamentsbesuche@parl.admin.ch
Operations and Usher Service betrieb@parl.admin.ch
Parliamentary Library doc@parl.admin.ch
Finance finanzen@parl.admin.ch
Management gs.sg@parl.admin.ch
IT and New Technologies sekretariat.it@parl.admin.ch
Information information@parl.admin.ch
Publications & Production
International Relations international@parl.admin.ch
Chancellery zs.kanzlei@parl.admin.ch
Parliamentary Administration Control pvk.cpa@parl.admin.ch
Human Resources hr@parl.admin.ch
Legal Service rechtsdienst@parl.admin.ch
Security sicherheit@parl.admin.ch
Translation sprachdienst@parl.admin.ch


Foreign Affairs Committees FAC apk.cpe@parl.admin.ch
Legal Affairs Committees LAC rk.caj@parl.admin.ch
Social Security and Health Committees SSHC sgk.csss@parl.admin.ch
Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy Committees ESPEC urek.ceate@parl.admin.ch
Economic Affairs and Taxation Committees EATC wak.cer@parl.admin.ch
Science, Education and Culture Committees SECC wbk.csec@parl.admin.ch
Transport and Telecommunications Committees TTC kvf.ctt@parl.admin.ch
Defence Committees DefC sik.cps@parl.admin.ch
Political Institutions Committees PIC spk.cip@parl.admin.ch
Finance Committees FC fk.cdf@parl.admin.ch
Control Committees CC gpk.cdg@parl.admin.ch
Pardons Committee PC bek.cgra@parl.admin.ch
Judiciary Committee JC gk.cj@parl.admin.ch
Drafting Committee DrC redk.cdr@parl.admin.ch