Swiss Delegation’s Resolutions and Declarations of the OSCE PA

Delegation’s annual reports

According to the terms of Art. 8, para. 1, of the Parliamentary Delegations Ordinance (RS 171.117), permanent delegations to international parliamentary assemblies must submit a written report of their main activities to the two chambers every year.

Rapports de délégations (link to Curia vista)

Conferences hosted by the delegation

Conferences hosted by the delegation

13ème Réunion d’automne de l’AP OSCE du 3 au 5 octobre 2014 à Genève

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    • Participation of the Swiss delegation’s members to the activities of the OSCE PA

      ​03.11.2020 ​Election Mission Observation (general elections) in the United States of America
      J. Dittli (RL)
      ​20--22.02.2020 19th Wintermeeting in Vienna, Austria
      J. Dittli (RL), C. Badertscher (G), M. Chiesa (V), D. Fässler (C-CED), C. Friedl (S), I. Glanzmann-Hunkeler (C-CED)