​Legal basis

The parliamentary Delegation Suisse near the parliamentary Parliament of the Council of Europe (PACE) finds her base legal in the Ordinance of the federal Parliament on international relations of the Parliament (ORInt) (RS 171.117).


Working methods of the delegation

The members of the delegation spend between 35 and 40 days per year working for the delegation. They meet four times a year for five days during the partial sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. As far as the Swiss delegation is concerned, each of these sessions requires a 1-day preparatory meeting, which is held in Bern a week or two before the start of the session.

Each member of the delegation is also a member of at least one committee of the Parliamentary Assembly, which meets between 12 and 16 times a year, during the sessions in Strasbourg or between sessions, generally in Paris.


Composition of the delegation

In compliance with Art. 6, para. 1, point b, of the Ordinance on international relations (ORInt) (RS 171.117), the permanent delegation to the Parliament of the Council of Europe comprises four members from the National Council and tow from the Council of States. Four members from the National Council and two from the Council of States are substitute members.