Guest speakers at the Swiss Parliament

​25.09.2018​​Discours de la Présidente de l’Assemblée parlementaire du Conseil de l’Europe​​Liliane Maury Pasquier​Présidente de l'Assemblée parlementaire du Conseil de l'Europe, Conseillère aux EtatsSpeechVideo​
09.12.2014Jubilee 40 years ratification of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental FreedomsDean SpielmannPresident, European Court of Human Rights
11.09.2012Jubilee 10 years of Swiss UN membershipBan Ki-MoonGUN Secretary-General
15.12.2010InvitationJoseph DeissPresident, UN General Assembly
08.03.2004InvitationSchirin EbadiIranian lawyer, human rights campaigner
18.06.2003Jubilee 40 years of Swiss membership of Council of EuropeLuzius WildhaberPresident, European Court of Human Rights
22.03.2002Commemorazione 100 anni Palazzo del ParlamentoJacques HerzogArchitect
Urs StaubArt historian, Federal Office of Culture
12.12.2000InvitationMichail GorbatschowFormer President of the USSR; Founding president of Green Cross International
10.03.1999Jubilee 50 years of Council of EuropeArpád GönczHungarian President
​Daniel TarschysSecretary-General, Council of Europe
06.11.1998Jubilee 150 years of Federal StateJean-Claude FavezHistorian
​Annemarie PieperFilosofa
Mario BottaArchitetto
04.06.1998Jubilee 150 years of Federal State

​Oscar Luigi Scalfaro

Italian President

​René MonorySenate president, France
Thomas KleistilAustrian President
​Roman HerzogGerman President
Prinzessin AnneUK, EU Representative
​Fürst Hans-Adam IIHead of State, Liechtenstein
Louise Fréchette

UN Dep. Secretary-General

07.05.1995Jubilee 50 years since end of WW2André LasserreHistorian
16.03.1995State visitEduardo FreiPresident, Republic of Chile
14.06.1991​Jubilee 50 years of the Swiss ConfederationHans-Dietrich GenscherGerman foreign minister​​
​Catherine LalumièreSecretary-General, Council of Europe
Javier Pérez de CuéllarUN Secretary-General
22.11.1990State visitVaclav HavelPresident of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic
11.06.1970State visitVaraha Venkata GiriPresident of India