Due to internal events, we will not be offering any guided tours on the following dates:
5 October
11 to 14 October inclusive
20 and 21 October
25 to 28 October inclusive
An open day will be held on 14 October. For more information, visit Open days.

Guided tours of the Parliament Building take place on a regular basis. Immerse yourself in the world of Parliament with our guides as you take in the domed hall, the Council chambers and the lobby and find out about the history of the building and how Parliament works.

Individuals and groups of up to 9 people

Outside the parliamentary sessions, guided tours are offered in 4 languages (Tuesday to Saturday) generally at the following times:

FRIDAY ​11h30


Guided tours are free of charge and last a maximum of 60 minutes. There are 30 spaces on each tour.

You can make your bookings online, at the earliest three days before your scheduled visit. You will receive your ticket with all the terms and conditions per mail, immediately after completion of your reservation.

It may happen that no dates and periods (of time) with available places appear on the booking page. This means that no guided tours will be provided at least for the following three days or even longer.

We kindly ask visitors to present their ticket at the visitors’ entrance at least 20 minutes before the tour is due to begin.

Please note that all visitors aged 16 and over are required to deposit an official identity document with security (ID, passport).

No tours are offered when Parliament is in session.

Please use the following address for any further information:

+41 58 322 90 22

Groups of 10 or more


We offer guided tours free of charge when Parliament is not in session. The tours are available in 4 languages (D, F, I, E) and take place from Tuesday to Saturday.

The tours are free of charge and take around an hour. You can book a visit online up to six months in advance (180 days exactly). After you have requested a booking, you will immediately receive confirmation of your request. If your request is approved, you will receive confirmation by email, together with your ticket.

A maximum of 30 people can take part in the tour. Minimum number for a group tour is 10 people. If less than 10 people show up, the tour will not take place.
If a group has not booked all the places for a time slot, the available places will be offered on the booking platform.
The tour is organised to meet the requirements of the first group to book the time slot, i.e. the language selected and type of group it selects. The remaining places can only be booked by a group of the same type that speaks the same language.

Please note that the booking platform only shows days on which guided tours take place, up to six months in advance (180 days exactly). No tours take place on dates that are not listed.


Group leaders are kindly requested to report to the security desk with their ticket 30 minutes before the start of the tour and to ensure that all members of their group are present. The ticket must be shown in paper form, on smartphone or tablet.

Visitors then must deposit a valid ID document at the security desk before proceeding to the security check (this rule does not apply to persons under 16). The following ID documents are accepted: passport, ID card (from CH and EU states), driving licence (from CH and EU states), CH foreign national identity card.

You will find information on tours held during Federal Assembly sessions here.

If you have any questions or wish to make any changes to your booking, please send an email to the following address: