​​​​​​​​​​​​​In addition to the eleven standing committees, the Office of a Council can, in exceptional circumstances, establish a special committee. No special committees are active at the present time.

16.016 Committees responsible for examining the legislative programme CLP

Specific responsibilities

The legislature planning committees are special committees responsible for examining the Federal Council’s draft legislature plan in advance and for advising their Council accordingly. The programme is submitted to Parliament at the beginning of each legislature period. It sets out policy guidelines and the goals of the legislature programme; it also indicates for each of the goals, the legislation and other measures required to achieve them.

Press Release of CLP-NC, 17 February 2016

Timetable of meetings 2016


Members of the National Council

Members of the Council of States

Committee Secretariat

FunctionNameTelephone / e-mail
EnquiriesAnna Bigorra, Ursula JeanmonodT +41 58 322 97 58
F +41 58 322 96 53
Secretary of the CommitteeAndreas BehrT +41 58 322 91 95
Deputy Secretary of the CommitteeFlorent StrobelT +41 58 322 95 09