Groups in the Chamber: National Council

Groups in the Chamber: Council of States

Political parties represented in Parliament


Group PresidentComposition / partyTotal NC CS
Swiss People's PartyV Thomas Aeschi69 SPP, 2 Lega, 1 MCR, 2 no party7468
Social DemocratsS Roger Nordmann54 Social Democrats544212
FDP.The Liberal groupRL Beat Walti45 RDP.The Liberals453312
Christian DemocratsC Filippo Lombardi40 Christian Democrats, 2 EPP, 1 CSP Obwalden432914
Green groupG Balthasar Glättli12 Green Party, 1 PdA13121
Liberal Democrat groupBD Rosmarie Quadranti8 BDP871
Green liberal group GL Tiana Angelina Moser 8 GLP880