Groups in the Chamber: National Council

Groups in the Chamber: Council of States

Political parties represented in Parliament


Group PresidentComposition / partyTotal NCCS
Swiss People's PartyV Amstutz, Adrian58 SPP, 2 Lega, 1 MCR, 1 no party 63 57 
Social DemocratsS Tschümperlin, Andy57 Social Democrats 5746 11
Christian Democrats/EPPCE Lombardi, Filippo40 Christian Democrats, 2 EPP, 1 CSP Oberwallis, 1 CSP Obwalden 4431 13 
FDP. The Liberal groupRL Huber, Gabi40 RDP.The Liberals 41 30 11
Green group Glättli, Balthasar17 Green Party17 15 
Green liberal groupGL Moser, Tiana Angelina14 GLP14 12 
Liberal Democrat groupBD Hassler, Hansjörg10 BDP1091