​On 20 October 2019, the members of the National Council will be elected for the next legislative period.

The National Council general election takes place every four years, always on the second last Sunday in October. Members are elected for a four-year term of office (one legislature period). At the end of a legislative period, new members can be elected or existing members re-elected for a further term of office.


Members no longer standing for office

Members of the National Council who are no longer standing for office in the October 2019 election.

(The following list is compiled from media reports and is unofficial).


​Surname, First name​CantonSeat held since
​​Marchand-Balet, Géraldine​VS​2015
​de Buman, Dominique​FR​2003
Vogler, KarlOW2011
Barazzone, Guillaume​GE​2013


Current members of the National Council also standing for election to the Council of States:


Surname, First name​​Party​CantonSeat held sinceElected to NCElected to CoS
Rytz, Regula​PES​BE​2011
Burkart, Thierry​PLR​AG​2015
Flach, Beat​PVL​AG​2011
Gugger, Nik​laus-Samuael​EVP​ZH​2017
Knecht, Hansjörg​SPP​AG​2011
Salzmann, WernerSPP​BE​2015
​Wermuth, Cédric​PSS​AG​2011