The Parliamentary Services are the administrative services of the Federal Assembly and its bodies, which it supports in carrying out their tasks.

  • They act as the interface between the Federal Assembly on the one hand and the Federal Council, other authorities and the public on the other.
  • They protect and promote the interests and image of the Federal Assembly and its bodies.
  • In accordance with the separation of powers they are subordinated to parliament and are independent from the Federal Council and Federal Administration. It is supervised by the Administration Delegation, comprising the leaders and deputy leaders of the National Council and Council of States.


Principle activities:

  • They plan and organise the sessions of the Federal Assembly and the meetings of the parliamentary committees.
  • They carry out administrative business, translations and record the minutes of the dealings of parliament and its committees.
  • They advise members of parliament, in particular the presidents of the two chambers and of the committees, on matters of business and procedure.
  • They inform the public about the Federal Assembly and its activities.
  • They support the Federal Assembly in its international relations.
  • They run the Parliamentary Library and provide documentation and IT services to members of parliament.
  • They ensure that appropriate infrastructure is available and carry out numerous other larger and smaller tasks in parliamentary administration.