​Saturday, 1 February 2020

9am – 5pm, admission at the visitors’ entrance on the south side of the building until 4pm.
Admission is free of charge.
Please allow sufficient time for the security check.
There may be waiting times when there are a large number of visitors.


The exhibition Eine Schweiz für Kinder. Wirklich? sponsored by the Swiss child protection foundation Kinderschutz Schweiz. 

Guided tours of the exhibition

Enjoy a guided tour of the exhibition by Kinderschutz Schweiz employees (the tour lasts about 60 minutes, participants should gather at the visitors’ entrance). 

German 10am / 12am / 2pm / 4pm
French 11am / 1pm / 3pm

Maximum of 30 persons per guided tour.
On-site registration.

Visiting the building without a guided tour

Visitors are free to wander through the National Council chamber, the Domed Hall and the Salle des pas perdus. The Council of States chamber will be closed for maintenance. The team in charge of parliamentary visits will be on hand to provide information about how Parliament operates and the history of the Parliament Building.


The cafeteria in the former reading room will be open. Enjoy a coffee and snack in this elegant setting.