There are 46 seats in the Council of States, which represents the cantons. Most cantons elect two members; the cantons AI, AR, BL, BS, NW and OW have just one seat.


Members no longer standing for office

Members of the Council of States who are no longer standing for office in the October 2019 election.

(The following list is compiled from media reports and is unofficial).


​Surname, Name​Canton​Seat held since
Luginbühl, Werner​BE​2007
​Surname, Name​Canton​Seat held since
Baumann, Isidor​UR​2011
​​Bischofberger, Ivo*​AI​2007
Fournier, Jean-René​VS​2007
​Graber, Konrad​LU​2007
Seydoux-Christe, Anne​JU​2007

*Standing down at the People’s Assembly on 28 April, when his successor will also be elected.

​Surname, Name​Canton​Seat held since
Abate, Fabio​TI​COS: 2011
NC: 2000
Comte, Raphaël​NE​2010
​Eder, Joachim​ZG​2011
Müller, Philipp​AG​2015