The Senates’ Contribution towards Grass-Roots Politics

The President of the Swiss Council of States, Rolf Büttiker, had invited the Association of European Senates to hold its annual meeting in Switzerland in 2006. The basic theme for the talks held by the presidents of the Senates of the 16 European countries that attended the meeting was «The Senates’ contribution towards grass-roots politics».

The Association of European Senates was set up in 2000 on the initiative of the President of the French senate, Christian Poncelet. Its annual meetings focus on specific questions concerning the experience, prospects and challenges connected with a two-chamber parliament. One of the Association’s aims is to maintain relations between the senates in the various European countries in order to increase European awareness among the countries’ parliaments and citizens.

Press release, 19 April 2006​



Büttiker, Rolf (PDF)

Carstensen, Peter Harry (PDF)

Grenfell, Julian Pascoe Francis (PDF)

Mironov, Sergey (PDF)

Poncelet, Christian (PDF)

Roth-Halvax, Sissy (PDF)

Sobotka, Premysl (PDF)

Susnik, Janez (PDF)

Timmerman-Buck, Yvonne (PDF)

Vacaroiu, Nicolae (PDF)

Ziólkowski, Marek (PDF)

Closing speech of Rolf Büttiker (PDF)


List of participants

List (PDF)