Administration Delegation ADel

The Administration Delegation (ADel) is responsible for the overall management of the administration of Parliament (Art. 38 al. 2 ParlA). It deals with all matters pertaining to Parliament’s finances, human resources, security, IT and infrastructure.
The Administration Delegation also exercises oversight over the Parliamentary Services (Art. 65 al. 1 ParlA).

It comprises three representatives from each Office, which as a rule are the Leader and the two Deputy Leaders of each Council.

The ADel designates one of its members as a delegate for a two-year period to represent it in dealings with the Parliamentary Services (Art. 21 al. 2 let. a PAdminO).

States​ Councilor Eric Nussbaumer represents the Administration Delegation as its delegate.


Secretariat of the delegation

​EnquiriesAssistance Secretariat AC ​Anne Rieder​+41 58 322 90 70

​Secretary AC
​Andreas Wortmann
+41 58 322 90 70