​Here you will find all you need to know about visits when Parliament is in session:


Visitors are able to follow debates and attend Q&A and information sessions in the domed hall free of charge.

Visitors’ entrance

The visitors’ entrance is located on the Bundesterrasse on the south side of the Parliament Building. It can be reached from Bundesplatz by taking the steps at either side of the Parliament Building. Pushchairs must be left in the hall of the visitors’ entrance.

Wheelchair access

Wheelchair users should use the north (main) entrance on Bundesplatz.

Sight-impaired visitors

For sight-impaired visitors we have a brief description of the Parliament Building in braille.

Security check

Please note that all visitors aged 16 and over are required to deposit an official identity document with security and pass through a metal detector.

Last minute changes to Order of Business

Please note that the sitting times of the chambers may exceptionally be shortened or that sittings may even be cancelled at short notice. If that is the case, the visit to the gallery and perhaps even the Q&A session with a Council member may not take place, meaning the whole visit may be cancelled.

Photography and filming

Photography and filming are not permitted from the gallery.

Headphones / Interpretation

Headphones are provided free of charge to allow you to listen to the simultaneous interpretation of the debates.

Contact and registration for visits when Parliament is in session

From now on, you can make your free group bookings online. As well as booking places in the gallery, group vistors can also register for an eventual Q&A session with a member of Parliament and/or an information session in the domed hall. Once the booking is completed, you will get an confirmation mail with all the necessary information.

Please use the following address for any further information: sessionsbesuche@parl.admin.ch