Twice a year the delegations of almost 160 national parliaments come together at the IPU’s general meetings. The 2019 spring IPU Assembly will take place from 6 to 10 April in Doha, Qatar. The general theme of debate at the 140th Assembly is ‘Parliaments as platforms to enhance education for peace, security and the rule of law’. A delegation comprising four members of the National Council and two members of the Council of States will represent Switzerland

The Shura Council, Qatar’s parliament, will host the meetings of the Governing Council, the standing committees, the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians, the Committee on Middle East Questions, the Forum of Women Parliamentarians and the Forum of Young Parliamentarians. These meetings will take place at the Sheraton Convention Center in Doha. Some 80 heads of parliament, 40 deputy heads and more than 800 parliamentarians are expected to attend.

Once the president and vice presidents of the 140th Assembly have been elected, requests by the national parliaments for the inclusion of an emergency item on the agenda will be considered. Several delegations have made such a request so far, and these will be analysed this Sunday. The Assembly will also debate the ways in which parliaments can promote gender equality and combat terrorism.

The draft resolution of the Standing Committee on Peace and International Security, to which Switzerland has proposed several amendments, will be discussed by the Assembly this spring. The committee has addressed the inacceptable way in which mercenaries are used to undermine peace and to violate human rights. The Standing Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade, meanwhile, will address in its draft resolution the role of fair and free trade and investment in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


At the same time as the Swiss parliamentary delegation attends the IPU Assembly, the Secretary General of the Federal Assembly, Mr Philippe Schwab, will also be in Doha to attend the meetings of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliament, of which he is president.

The following members of parliament form the Swiss delegation:

  • Andrea Caroni (FDP/AR), Council of States, delegation president
  • Christian Lohr (CVP/TG), National Council, delegation vice president
  • Margret Kiener Nellen (SP/BE), National Council
  • Filippo Lombardi (CVP/TI), Council of States
  • Félix Müri (SVP/LU), National Council
  • Laurent Wehrli (FDP/VD), National Council


More information can be found on the IPU website: