Rules governing the publication of votes cast by Council members are set out in the Standing Orders of each chamber. In the National Council and in the Council of States voting reports inform the public about how Council members cast their votes on each item of business.


​FormatNational Council​Council of States
Voting reports (PDF) in the Official Bulletin
(course of debate / vote)
Database of Parliamentary Votes (since 48th legislature)Yes​No
​XLS files by sessionYes (in French)Yes (in French)
​Electronic votes sincespring session 1994
spring session 2014
​Range​All votes since winter session 2007Votes on entire bill; final votes; votes requiring a qualified majority in accordance with Article 159 para 3 of the Federal Constitution; votes requested by at least ten council members
​Legal bases
Dates of votes
​Article 57 NC Standing OrdersArticle 44a CS Standing Orders