The 139th Inter-Parliamentary Union IPU Assembly will be held in Geneva between 14 and 18 October, bringing together representatives from the 178 national parliaments, which are members of the IPU. The main themes of the Assembly include the key role of parliaments in promoting peace and development in the age of innovation and technological change, as well as on strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation on migration and migration governance. Switzerland will be represented by a delegation consisting of five members of the National Council and two members of the Council of States.

The Executive Committee, of which National Council member Kiener Nellen (SP/BE) is a member, will examine new proposals for amendments and sub-amendments to the IPU statutes and rules. The committee will also have to re-examine the composition of the High-level Advisory Group on Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism, which was rejected by the Governing Council at the last assembly. Finally, it will evaluate the proposal to create a high-level advisory group on parliamentary diplomacy.

The draft resolutionon strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation on migration and migration governance will be debated in the standing committee on democracy and human rights; numerous amendments have been tabled. National Council members Lohr (CVP/TG) and Kiener Nellen will defend Switzerland’s interests in the committee.

An emergency item will also be included in the Assembly agenda of the 139th IPU Assembly. Two requests for inclusion on the agenda have already been submitted to date; one by Jordanfollowing the announcement by the USA to cease funding UNRWA, and the other by Uruguay concerning the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Requests may be submitted up until the start of the Assembly. Parliamentarians will then decide which request will be included on the agenda.

During this Assembly, Council of States member Andrea Caroni and National Council member Felix Müri will be playing an active part in the work of their respective committees, namely the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians and that on Middle East Questions.

The Swiss delegation will consist of the following Council members:

  1. Andrea Caroni CS (FDP/AR), delegation president
  2. Christian Lohr NC, (CVP/TG), delegation vice-president
  3. Margret Kiener Nellen NC (SP/BE)
  4. Céline Amaudruz NC (SVP/GE)
  5. Filippo Lombardi CS (CVP/TI)
  6. Felix Müri NC (SVP/LU)
  7. Laurent Wehrli NC (FDP/VD)

Mr Philippe Schwab, Secretary General of the Federal Assembly, will also travel to Geneva to take part in sessions of the Association des Secretaries General of Parliaments (ASGP), of which he is president.

Further information can be found on the IPS website: